Safety First, Policy

Dear Guest,

The Safety of our Guests & Employees are vitally important.  We have developed a Safety-First Policy outlined below.  We are also delighted to announce we have received our UK-wide industry standard and consumer mark accreditation confirming we are following government and industry guidelines for COVID-19, and have effective risk assessments and cleaning protocols in place ready to welcome our guests.


Paula Wilson

General Manager

Updated Jan 2022

Guests Policy

This policy will outline our commitment to making your guest experience in the Hotel as safe and comfortable as possible.  The controls outlined below will be monitored and updated regularly if necessary. We will continue to follow current Government Guidelines and WHO advice on Covid 19 and update as necessary.

Please be aware of our signage within the Hotel with regard to Covid 19 outlining the procedures.

The Hotel Policy

The following safety information is provided to ensure transparency between the Glenavon House Hotel and you, our Customer.  Our aim is to instil confidence that we have taken all possible H&S precautions and will continue to review, update and implement if necessary.

Face coverings must be worn when moving throughout the hotel except when seated at a table for food or drink.

Sanitising & Hygiene

Every aspect of the bedrooms, restaurant and bar has undergone rigorous risk assessments in accordance with all the official guidance issued by the Northern Ireland Executive and relevant Trade Bodies.  Risk Assessment and Staff Training was carried out in-house for all staff before the hotel reopened.

For your information:-

The entire hotel was cleaned and fully sanitised prior to guest and customer arrival with hand sanitisers placed throughout the hotel.

Bedroom Key cards will be disinfected after each use.

All tables are sanitised prior to each customer arrival in the restaurant.

All common touch points (eg door handles) are sanitised every 30 minutes at busy periods and 60 minutes at other times from 7.00am to midnight.

All plates, cutlery, crockery and condiments are fully sanitised prior to use.

All staff have undergone training programmes on Covid-19 Health & Safety procedure prior to the hotel reopening.

Before serving anything to your table, staff will have washed their hands for 20 seconds and sanitised.

There is a rigorous cleaning and disinfection programme in place throughout each day.

We will continue to focus on cleaning high touch areas in the bedrooms & public areas of the Hotel.

Personal Protective Equipment

In line with current Government Guidance our staff will wear facemasks when serving customers and moving throughout the hotel.  When they can maintain their distance from others, such as housekeepers in bedrooms, they do not have to wear masks.

Our staff have undergone a full training session on risk and are fully aware of all necessary measures to keep everyone safe and ensure you have an enjoyable evening.

Customer Dining Brief

Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible and the information below is aimed at helping with this (please note masks must be worn at all times unless seated at your table):-


You are requested to remain seated at your table at all times apart from transiting to and from the toilet

When your food / drinks are ready, serving staff will set plates, crockery, glasses and condiments at one point on the table.  You are requested to distribute these to the other members of your party.  This ensures social distancing and minimal risk.


You are requested to be mindful of social distancing when moving anywhere within the restaurant.

Please queue in an orderly manner, observing social distancing at all times.

Please adhere to staff instructions at all times.

Please ensure young children are accompanied to and from the toilet.


Please pay by card, contactless, where possible as cash increases the risk level for our staff.

Spillages & Accidents

Please inform a member of staff immediately.

Please allow our staff space to clean up any spillages/accidents.

Please do not leave your table unless it is an emergency.

Medical Emergency

We have fully qualified First Aid staff on site at all times

Please allow them space to deal with the situation

All staff have been trained on COVID-19 Health & Safety measures

The Employees Policy

As always, the hotel is continuing to maintain the highest possible hygiene standards with updated training provided to all employees regularly.  All staff members have been briefed that if they have been in contact with anyone affected or experience any symptoms, they must self-quarantine for the required number of days.